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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baker,   Abt 1870Pennsylvania I786 Smith-Merrill 
2 BUCHANAN, Catherine  12 May 1769Pennsylvania I738 Smith-Merrill 
3 Burt, James H.  1895Pennsylvania I562 Smith-Merrill 
4 Conner, Carrie Louella  Abt 1872Pennsylvania I782 Smith-Merrill 
5 Elder, James  17 Mar 1767Pennsylvania I737 Smith-Merrill 
6 Elder, Juliet  3 Apr 1813Pennsylvania I775 Smith-Merrill 
7 Elisabeth  Abt 1801Pennsylvania I2553 Smith-Merrill 
8 HAGAN, Sarah "Sally"  Abt 1795Pennsylvania I750 Smith-Merrill 
9 Hillyard, William  Abt 1848Pennsylvania I7582 Smith-Merrill 
10 Hilwig, Jane Elizabeth  9 May 1865Pennsylvania I2371 Smith-Merrill 
11 JORDAN, Calvin Bloom  Abt 1844Pennsylvania I2497 Smith-Merrill 
12 JORDAN, Clara Mae  25 May 1891Pennsylvania I2991 Smith-Merrill 
13 JORDAN, Clarisa  Abt 1843Pennsylvania I7640 Smith-Merrill 
14 JORDAN, David Evans  5 Feb 1863Pennsylvania I2370 Smith-Merrill 
15 JORDAN, David W.  Abt 1840Pennsylvania I2400 Smith-Merrill 
16 JORDAN, Frederick  Abt 1803Pennsylvania I2287 Smith-Merrill 
17 JORDAN, Fredrick  18 Jul 1838Pennsylvania I733 Smith-Merrill 
18 JORDAN, George Fredrick  4 Aug 1894Pennsylvania I2992 Smith-Merrill 
19 JORDAN, Laura Jane "Jennie"  Abt 1867Pennsylvania I1672 Smith-Merrill 
20 JORDAN, Peter Albert  1854Pennsylvania I2809 Smith-Merrill 
21 JORDAN, Rushon M.  Feb 1859Pennsylvania I2324 Smith-Merrill 
22 JORDAN, Sarah A.  Abt 1835Pennsylvania I2398 Smith-Merrill 
23 JORDAN, William  Abt 1805Pennsylvania I2289 Smith-Merrill 
24 McNAUGHTON, Martha  5 Apr 1841Pennsylvania I734 Smith-Merrill 
25 Porter, Diana  Abt 1829Pennsylvania I2983 Smith-Merrill 
26 Rambach, Rosina  Abt 1750Pennsylvania I1282 Smith-Merrill 
27 Rambacher, Barbara  Abt 1760Pennsylvania I1281 Smith-Merrill 
28 Rambacher, Catherine  Abt 1760Pennsylvania I1284 Smith-Merrill 
29 Robinson, Eliza Amanda  Mar 1851Pennsylvania I7581 Smith-Merrill 
30 Robinson, Julia Ann  Abt 1837Pennsylvania I7584 Smith-Merrill 
31 Robinson, Nancy Jane  24 Dec 1839Pennsylvania I2498 Smith-Merrill 
32 Robinson, Samuel S.W.  28 Apr 1848Pennsylvania I2484 Smith-Merrill 
33 Robinson, William  Abt 1840Pennsylvania I7583 Smith-Merrill 
34 Rumbaugh, Charles Emery  Abt 1871Pennsylvania I755 Smith-Merrill 
35 Rumbaugh, Electa Lovena  Abt 1873Pennsylvania I756 Smith-Merrill 
36 RUMBAUGH, John  3 Mar 1791Pennsylvania I746 Smith-Merrill 
37 Rumbaugh, John Marshall  Abt 1861Pennsylvania I740 Smith-Merrill 
38 Rumbaugh, Marshall  Abt 1827Pennsylvania I2998 Smith-Merrill 
39 Rumbaugh, Simeon  Abt 1824Pennsylvania I2999 Smith-Merrill 
40 Seybert, Albert W.  Abt 1873Pennsylvania I7342 Smith-Merrill 
41 SMITH, Caroline  Abt 1846Pennsylvania I3344 Smith-Merrill 
42 Smith, Clarisa E.  1871Pennsylvania I3084 Smith-Merrill 
43 SMITH, Edna Martha(Mae)  1908Pennsylvania I612 Smith-Merrill 
44 Smith, Floretta J.  1869Pennsylvania I3083 Smith-Merrill 
45 Smith, Harry A.  1865Pennsylvania I3081 Smith-Merrill 
46 SMITH, Hiram McFarran  15 Aug 1835Pennsylvania I6931 Smith-Merrill 
47 SMITH, Horace  Abt 1831Pennsylvania I7179 Smith-Merrill 
48 Smith, Lavina M.  1878Pennsylvania I3086 Smith-Merrill 
49 Smith, Mary Amanda  1876Pennsylvania I3085 Smith-Merrill 
50 Smith, Melinda A.  18 Jul 1866Pennsylvania I3082 Smith-Merrill 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 , Maria Catherina  1798Pennsylvania I1247 Smith-Merrill 
2 , Sarah B.  9 May 1902Pennsylvania I8485 Smith-Merrill 
3 BUCHANAN, Catherine  13 Nov 1813Pennsylvania I738 Smith-Merrill 
4 Buzzard, Jane  3 Nov 1907Pennsylvania I3011 Smith-Merrill 
5 Elder, James  15 Feb 1837Pennsylvania I737 Smith-Merrill 
6 Elder, Thomas  20 Oct 1865Pennsylvania I753 Smith-Merrill 
7 Hunter, John  2 Feb 1871Pennsylvania I847 Smith-Merrill 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Baker / Rumbaugh  Abt 1890Pennsylvania F265 Smith-Merrill 
2 Elder / BUCHANAN  15 Mar 1790Pennsylvania F257 Smith-Merrill 
3 Elder / Young  Abt 1815Pennsylvania F261 Smith-Merrill 
4 JORDAN / Bloom  1782Pennsylvania F561 Smith-Merrill 
5 JORDAN / Lawyer  28 Feb 1811Pennsylvania F498 Smith-Merrill 
6 JORDAN / McNAUGHTON  10 Jun 1858Pennsylvania F252 Smith-Merrill 
7 Rambach /   Pennsylvania F1034 Smith-Merrill 
8 Rumbaugh / Buzzard  Between 1862 and 1865Pennsylvania F924 Smith-Merrill 
9 SMITH / JORDAN  Abt 1903Pennsylvania F20 Smith-Merrill 

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